Into the blue.


From indigos to denim, lapis to azure, blue appears to be the most adaptable colour when it comes to interiors. It can appear in all guises around the home and especially the most tactile when it comes to fabrics

This is an on going trend that appears to show no signs of fading. Blue has always popular when it comes to textiles within your home due to its our range of tones and adaptability. It can be warm, it can be fresh, it can be bright.

Blue is nothing new, it has been the colour of myth and mystery for centuries. Perhaps due to the visual tricks played by this colour within the natural world that it has gained great symbolic value. 

Back when this colour was first depicted in paintings it was the most expensive pigments for artists. A most sacred of colour that was reserved for the royal and fashionable. Blue pigments have been used to colour glass, tiles and paintings within decorations religious buildings.

Ultramarine was the most treasured when it was first discovered. Its name derives from “over the seas” shipped to europe from South America it was also the most expensive. It is due the the rarity that it became part of the virgin marys identity from the 13th Century onwards.


With a feel of immediate calm, blue can carry you through from warmth and vitality to quiet contemplation as restful hue. Evoking clarity and pureness. 

Different hues create subtle different feelings. Whatever may be your decorating style there is a blue that works. From a regal scheme to a nautical, blues have held there part in interior design. Deep navy can add a touch of drama within a space and royal blue can add a bright bold punch of colour. Richer blues can be bright yet soothing and can add an luxurious appeal if brought in with deep coloured rugs and carpets.

Blue has the ability to fade towards the ever popular grey and into the teal and ocean greens. The versatility of this colour creates endless choice and a selection of these tones can work effortlessly together. 


One successful way to bring blue into the home is to work different shades and tones that then create a monochromatic interior. Mixing these with neutrals and natural hues and materials. Natural slubby linens and stone can add texture.


The popularity of this hue could also be down to its ability to fit and sit with other colours so perfectly. With highlights of gold or copper to accent colours of orange and mustard can really make different tones come alive. Adding these in delicate amount on scatter cushions or throws can be most effective.


Within a natural scheme is where textiles in blues can work best. The saturated colour of blue as a sumptuous velvet can become the most interesting of accents itself.

Blue will forever be favoured within the interior, it is a timeless hue that holds a hypnotic quality and the perfect appeal.


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