Velvet Collection


Vivid Upholstery Velvet Fabric

(16) Colours


Durable Matt Upholstery Velvet Fabric

(15) Colours


Our Venice velvet collection is inspired by the soft hues of the Venetian city and canals; the iridescent waters, changing from muted greys to cool blues with glows of tinted greens, running between the neutral tones of the ancient buildings. This fabric collection is full of natural and calming colours that portray the unspoilt, historic way of life in the city. In contrast, our Naples fabric collection draws the intense and rich colours of the vibrant Amalfi coast and the bold buildings that line it. This collection, like the Neapolitan ambience, is full of colour and flair and would adorn any room with a bright and playful feel. 


Our velvet fabric collection is woven in a major Spanish fabric mill that has an extensive portfolio of work. They weave our velvet fabrics to the highest quality and ensure they are incredibly durable, one of the most durable fabrics we have, making them ideal for upholstery.

Note: Due to variations in computer screens, we cannot guarantee that the colours shown here are truly representative of our products.
Prior to purchasing we recommend that you order a sample.

After care: Do Not Wash, Must be dry cleaned professionally, Do Not Bleach.